actress, writer and producer



It is normal for a kid to daydream about the future. Kids dream of becoming football players, ballerinas, astronauts and pilots. Rosaria Cianciulli’s dream was to become and actress.

Rosaria Cianciulli was born January 5th 1994 in a small town in the south of Italy, Montella. She lived surrounded by mountains, breathing Italian culture and also spending her evenings playing volleyball in a professional team. Even if living in that little bubble could have seemed enough Rosaria was looking for something more. After graduating high school, at the age of 18, Rosaria moved to New York City and that is where her adventure begun. She attended the first year at the New York Film Academy, and it is right there that she started to understand what being an actor really meant so she immediately fell in love with the art. She also fell in love with the city, the American culture, and all the new friends and experiences she was having. After finishing the first year Rosaria moved to Los Angeles, where after two years she graduated with Honors from a BFA in Acting for Film and Television at the New York Film Academy. Her education not only gave Rosaria the opportunity to work on her acting skills, but she also studied a little bit of production, editing and directing, this way she could have a better understanding of what it really takes to make a movie. Rosaria currently lives in Los Angeles and is pursuing the dream of that little girl who at the age of 5 told her parents: "Mamma, papà, quando sarò grande voglio fare l’attrice" ("Mum, dad, when I grow up I want to be an actress").

Rosaria Cianciulli is the producer, writer and main character of a successful short film called "Leonarda". The thriller/drama is directed by Luca Brinciotti, starring: Luca Riemma, Betty Franchi and the young Jonathan Lansky. The plot focuses on the real story of the female Italian serial killer Leonarda Cianciulli also known as "The Soap-Maker of Correggio". Between 1939 and 1940 Leonarda killed three women and by boiling their bodies in caustic soda in a large pot she made soap and with their blood she baked cookies. The homonymy with the character is not accidental at all, in fact Leonarda was from Montella too, Rosaria’s same hometown, and was somehow Rosaria’s distant relative. Leonarda will be screened at the Short Film Corner at the Cannes Film Festival 2016; it is also in competition at the Ferrara Film Festival and it is taken in consideration to participate in over thirty film festivals all over the world.

Rosaria also produced and starred in another short film called “Chromotherapy” directed by Giuseppe Rossi. The dramatic short film focuses on Vanessa, played by Rosaria, who was born with a disease that allows her to see the world only in black and white. She discovers that when she experiences strong emotions she is able see colors, but what she does not know is that the colors she sees are not the correct ones. The short film was shot in evocative locations in the south of Italy, between Avellino and Salerno provinces. The teaser trailer of the short film was selected at Barcelona Film Festival 2016. 

Rosaria also stars in “Just Another Heartbeat”, a dramatic short film written and directed by Livia Azzolini. Everything revolves around one question: What will happen if it was possible to choose between the reality we live in and the one we dream of? The short film was selected to participate at the Goldensun Film Festival 2016.

“Beyond The Shelf” directed by Michael McCartney is a short film comedy whose main characters are Disney characters. Here Rosaria plays a naïve and pregnant Rapunzel who decides to join the ‘villains’, even though she is too innocent and kind to turn into a bad girl. 

Rosaria is also a production assistant in two big projects. “Immortality in blue” directed by Luca Brinciotti, starring Gianlorenzo Albertini, Ayse Kirca, and Mehdi Dumartin. The short film focuses on the reason why Picasso began his blue period. ‘The head of the mouse’ a fantasy-drama short film directed by Aditya J. Patwardhan, starring: Ricardo A. Diaz-Guillen, Al Danuzio, Victoria Del Rosal, and Holly Hawkins. In the Republic of Sacristan, seven families rule. The patriarch of the Vallorca family has just passed away leaving the question who will be the next head of the Vallorca family.

In 2014 Rosaria takes part in the filming of “Seeking Mr. Brown”, a short film written and produced by Luciana Faraco and directed by Aric Coppola. Starring: Luciana Faraco, Brooke Alexandra, Isaac Gallego, Kayla Eva and many more. Rosaria plays a funny and sexy playmate waitress. The story revolves around Alabama Wallance a lonely blogger and amateur movie critic, quirky girl, who convinces her only close friend, Bill Knox, a geeky high school teacher, to go with her on an eccentric mission to the Oscars After Party at Quentin Tarantino's house, who she believes is her soul mate.

Rosaria appears also in a New York Film Academy commercial broadcasted nationwide throughout the US.