Leonarda is participating in the Short Film Corner section at the Festival de Cannes

First achievement, Rosaria Cianciulli guest at the 69th Cannes Film Festival!

The acting career of the young actress Rosaria Cianciulli is starting to really take shape, thanks to the participation of her short film Leonarda at the Cannes Film Festival. May 20th the psycho-thriller based on the story of the Soap Maker of Correggio will be screened in the Short Film Corner section (non- competition), with other promising filmmakers from all over the world.  For the 22 years old Italian actress, writer and producer, whom lives in Hollywood, this film festival will be a great opportunity to showcase a different aspect of the infamous serial-killer Leonarda Cianciulli. Other movies have been done about the Soap Maker but never like this one. Rosaria’s short film concentrates especially on the human side of this character, emphasizing her role as a daughter and mother from a psychological point of view.


The script immediately caught the attention of the rising director Luca Brinciotti. It was a dream of his to explore the mind of a serial-killer, because he believes that people often forget that in the killer’s eye there is always logic and reason, which moved the individual to commit such acts. Luca states “When Rosaria pitched me the idea of portraying Leonarda Cianciulli in a short, my vision was already there ready to be shot”.

Rosaria Cianciulli (photo) plays the role of Leonarda, whom is also a relative of hers. With her the young actor Jonathan Lansky and the experienced Italian soap and fiction actor Luca Riemma. In the role of the supporting actress the promising Betty Franchi (photo) plays the first victim, Faustina. Betty is also participating at the Cannes Film Festival.


The short film presents some curious anecdotes. Alba Buccella plays the role of  Leonarda’s mother Serafina, whom cursed her from her death bed, is actually Rosaria’s mother. Some of the costumes and props are actually from the 40s and were brought on set from Montella, a small town in the South of Italy where both Leonarda and Rosaria come from… A lot of weird connections, don’t you think?

Between Pedro Almodòvar, Ken Loach, the Dardenne brothers and all the other great filmmakers partecipating at the 69th edition of the festival, the short film Leonarda is a small Italian representation in a kermesse where this year there are few Italian projects to be seen. Besides the reviews about Il Disprezzo by Jean-Luc Godard taking place in Villa Malaparte in Capri (Italy), there has been very little talk about Italian works. Maybe also because we were used to the trio Moretti-Sorrentino-Garrone of the past couple of years.

Representing Italy Pericle il Nero by Stefano Mordini starring Riccardo Scamarcio based on the novel written by Giuseppe Ferrandino, selected for Un Certain Regard and L’Ultima Spiaggia by the Greek Thanos Anastopoulos and the Italia Davide Del Dega in the Special Projection section. In the short section we have Il Silenzio by Farnosh Samadi Frooshnan and Ali Asgari. In the Cinéfondation La Santa che Dorme by Laura Samani from the Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia.

May the best win!

Discover Leonarda in the Cannes Short Film Corner!


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