Leonarda Coming Soon, between the festivals on the way stands out Cannes

For all the fans waiting here some not to be missed dates!

We already talked about Leonarda, a short film directed by Luca Brinciotti, which explores the diabolic Soap Maker of Correggio played by Rosaria Cianciulli (a relative of hers); starring Luca Riemma, Betty Franchi and the young Jonathan Lansky. A dramatic and psychological thriller based on the true story of the serial-killer Leonarda Cianciulli. A unique psychiatric and criminal case of a tormented and troubled woman, who believed to be cursed by her mother, and so to save her children’s souls killed three women friends of hers. Boiling their corpses with caustic soda she made soap and cookies with their blood.

Save the date… Leonarda hits the screen!

Soon the short film will be screened as a world premiere in a lot of important festivals. The actress, writer and producer Rosaria Cianciulli is proud to announce that the thriller will be screened at the Cannes Film Festival on May 20th at 1.00 PM, in the Short Film Corner section (non-competition). This is the essential rendez-vous for filmmakers, since 2014, short film producers and directors have chosen the Short Film Corner as the place to present their films, make meetings reality and take decisive steps for their future careers.

There couldn’t have been a better platform for Rosaria, who at the age of only 22 years old, will attend this prestigious festival, organized for the first time in 1939 (which is also the year Leonarda killed her first victim) by Louis Lumière.  Rosaria will be accompanied by her friend and colleague Betty Franchi.

The Festival is an apocalyptical no-man’s-land, a microcosm of what the world would be like if the people could make direct contact with one another and speak the same language.
Jean Cocteau


Leonarda is in competition at the River Film Festival in Padova, Italy.

It will be screened June 1st at 10.00 PM in the Corti Italiani section (Italian shorts). The constant seeking out, the exploration of new languages within visual communication and the seven competitive categories has increased over the years the number of participants. The peculiarity of this film festival is the unique location. Films are projected onto a screen that floats on a raft moored in the middle of Bacchiglione (a river), while the audience seats on sixteenth-century tiers of steps of the river port. What else?


Leonarda participates at the first edition of the Ferrara Film Festival, Italy!

June 3rd the short will be screened at 4.30 PM, to compete against many other relevant productions. The Ferrara Film Festival is organized by the American producer Maximillian Law and Victor Rambaldi. The festival will be more than just an international film competition, it will be a cultural educational and economical bridge between United States and Italy through the art and showcase of films from all over the world, cinematica collateral events and entertainment shows. It will be the first film festival in Italy “made in USA”, as the planning and organizations will be spearheading in Los Angeles, California. The city of Ferrara is part of UNESCO as a World Heritage site and it will serve as an incredible backdrop for this high profile cinematic event.



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