Chromotherapy, the new short shot in Irpinia with Rosaria Cianciulli

The actress Rosaria Cianciulli and the director Giuseppe Rossi focus the new short film on an unknown disease.


Vanessa (Rosaria Cianciulli) lives in a modern, gloomy and boring town with her boyfriend Nicholas (Gerardo Di Santo), a well-known painter of common and banal landscapes. Vanessa doesn’t live a normal life, she has achromatopsia: a rare disease which allows her to see only in black and white. This is also how she lives her life. She spends every day the same, in this gloomy, gray attitude. She lives in a cold world, where everything feels cold, without a soul, because of the absence of color. Even in her relationship with her boyfriend she is very distant and they barely communicate.

Living in a such depressing world makes it hard for Vanessa to come out of this depressive state she is in, and her rage is destined to explode at the expenses of the people and the objects next to her. It is Nicholas to instigate Vanessa’s rage. After an animated argument he slaps her in the face, Vanessa falls to the ground and starts to see blood coming out of her nose, and for the first time she sees it in color, green, she doesn’t know it is the wrong color, since she has never seen the color red. In shock and in need of seeing more colors, Vanessa goes almost on a rampage destroying objects, her boyfriend studio, and his paintings. The situation gets so out of hand that Vanessa threatens Nicholas with a knife, while she escapes, he calls the police…


Chromotherapy is a short film that shows an internal struggle through the eyes of the protagonist, the actress and co-producer Rosaria Cianciulli, who already played a very complex character in her other recent work Leonarda. A short film about the infamous Italian serial killer Leonarda Cianciulli, known as the Soap Maker of Correggio.

The goal of the producer and director Giuseppe Rossi, was to produce a black and white movie, where it wasn’t done just for aesthetics but it was justified and was able to clarify even more the point of view of someone affected by achromatopsia. Who is affected by this not well known disease, has difficulties perceiving also the depth of perception and the three-dimensional world; these aspects were highlighted by the shots and the camera movements. This is a very unusual vision, that we are not used to, because we give for granted the one we have. We are able, by mental association, to give a name to something like a color because it is a linguistic and social convention, but if we had never seen a color, like Vanessa, we could not give it a name, since we never experienced it. This is shown very well in the movie when Vanessa doesn’t know that the color she is seeing are wrong.


The character played by Rosaria Cianciulli finds, in the external settings, a world completely different from the one before she had a fight with Nicholas. She never really explored it, since she would be almost blind if the light was too bright. For these amazing new places she sees, of course the setting had to be in Irpinia, an area in the South of Italy, which offers incredible landscapes, like the one in Lioni, Montella, Conza della Campania and the Tibetan bridge in Laviano.

Angelo Farina, the writer and also a medical student, was able to analyze the clinical aspects of the disease thanks to his studies. The budget of the short was around $3,000 and was spent mostly on buying props and in post-production for the visual effects. All of these efforts, were made to make you ask yourself a question: Is there a right way to see things?


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