At Least Give Me A Kiss

A Web series about dating nowdays.


At Least Give Me A Kiss is an 8-episode Web series documentary written and directed by Livia Azzolini which shows
the different approaches that women and men have in the dating world today (both online and in person).

Starting on October 6th, each episode will be uploaded on At Least Give Me A Kiss YouTube Channel every Thusday 12 pm Pacific time. The first season touches 8 different themes that are prevalent in the dating world today with insight from about 30 very different men and women.


Each episode is hosted by Rosaria Cianciulli, who isn't exactly the classic elegant anchorwoman…
Her funny approach to the questions about the dating world will walk us through the different themes,
looking for the right answers.

The web series is been shot in Los Angeles by an excited crew of young talents like the Director of Photography Giulia Governo and the Co-producer Carmen Davila, who joined force to underline the difficulty to date nowadays.


So check out the Web series on At Least Give Me A Kiss Facebook Page and don’t miss the episodes on YouTube!


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